While the pandemic has proven to be a challenge throughout the world, we have been keeping our athletes active. Hockey has been a great outlet from our troubles and provided a wonderful way for the girls to keep grounded and healthy in mind, spirit, and body.

We are excited to be attending Shooting Star this year.

With over 3,000 athletes on 200 teams, Shooting Star Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity for our athletes and teams.

Go Wolves! Ahwooo!

Our U16 team is in Pool D.

P12 11/27/2020 8:00 AM Field 12A Alpha Hockey White vs Washington Wolves U16
P37 11/27/2020 10:00 AM Field 12A NorthEast Elite Black vs Washington Wolves U16
P61 11/28/2020 5:00 PM Field 8 Washington Wolves U16 vs Saints Blue
P85 11/28/2020 7:00 PM Field 7 IFHCK Spirit vs Washington Wolves U16
P111 11/29/2020 12:00 PM Field 5 NJ STARZ vs Washington Wolves U16

Washington Wolves U16 Roster:

JerseyNameClass ofSchool
3Charley Noah2024Good Counsel
6Burke Jarrett2023Stone Ridge School
10Becky Felker2022Stone Ridge School
12Leah Morrison2023St. John's College HS
19Lizzie Baggett2022Winston Churchill HS
21Liberty Topka2022Holy Child
22Hallie Slidell2024Stone Ridge School
25Emma Datch2024Winston Churchill HS
27Elizabeth Thompson2022Visitation
29Natasha Parker2024Stone Ridge School
35Carolyn Thompson2024Georgetown Visitation
36Emi Hakutani2023Holton-Arms School
46Betty Boatwright2022Georgetown Visitation
49Lucy Smith2023Stone Ridge School
66Grace Wiley2023Wakefield HS
77Sydney Theis2022Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS


Our U14 team is in Pool B.

P6 11/27/2020 9:00 AM Field 6 Washington Wolves U14 vs Saints Hockey Rocks
P17 11/27/2020 11:00 AM Field 5 IFHCK Fire vs Washington Wolves U14
P28 11/28/2020 9:00 AM Field 7 Washington Wolves U14 vs Alpha Hockey
P41 11/28/2020 11:00 AM Field 8 Washington Wolves U14 vs Delaware Sharks
P54 11/29/2020 9:00 AM Field 3 NJ GRIT U14 Diamond vs Washington Wolves U14

Washington Wolves U14 Roster:

JerseyNameClass ofSchool
2Cata Sposato2024Walt Whitman HS
5Maya Gutierrez-Flores2025Albert Einstein HS
7Carter Davis2025Stone Ridge School
8Alba Porta2024Walt Whitman HS
14Mia Kanczuker2025Walt Whitman HS
16Maya Raphael2025Walt Whitman HS
18Jenna Pigott2025Winston Churchill HS
20Julieta Matus2025Winston Churchill HS
21Jaimie Lee2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
24Alexandra Snyder2025St. John's College HS
28Bridget Ellis2024Stone Ridge
31Gillian Rosenstock2025Walter Johnson HS
40Elena Jones2025
41Alys Jones2025
45Mila Mojto2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
48Stevie Zonarich2025Stone Ridge School
73Margot Houle2024Brookewood School


Our U12 team is in Pool A.

P1 11/27/2020 2:00 PM Field 10A Empower U12 vs Washington Wolves U12
P7 11/27/2020 4:00 PM Field 10A Washington Wolves U12 vs Focus Purple
P13 11/28/2020 2:00 PM Field 10A Warhawks U12 vs Washington Wolves U12
P19 11/28/2020 4:00 PM Field 10A Washington Wolves U12 vs Electric Surge
P25 11/29/2020 10:00 AM Field 11A IFHCK Thunder vs Washington Wolves U12