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School:  Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland
Class of: 2025

GPA 3.97 (weighted)

AP & Honors Classes:
11th grade – Honors Modern World History, Honors Statistics, Honors Chemistry, AP Language and Comp, AP Human Geography
10th grade – Honors English 10, Honors Pre-calculus, Honors Biology, AP Government and Politics US NSL, Honors Spanish 5
9th grade – Honors English 9, Honors Algebra, AP Physics, Honors US History, Honors Spanish 4

Montgomery Blair HS Varsity Starter (9th, 10th, 11th)

Major Tournaments:
Shooting Star Thanksgiving (2023)
Disney Sunshine Showcase (2022)

Other sports:
Montgomery Blair HS Varsity Lacrosse

Extracurricular Activities:
Youth and Government Club
Blair Mural Club
Female Athletes at Blair Club
Sports Debate Club
Running and lifting
Bookclub member since 2015
Baking and cooking