Maya Raphael

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School: Thomas W. Pyle Middle School, Bethesda, Maryland
Class of: 2025

Academic Achievements:
GPA 4.0
Honors Classes:
8th Grade: Honors Geometry, Honors Spanish III, and Advanced US Studies
7th Grade: Applied Algebra I, Advanced World History

Awards and Recognitions:
Washington Wolves U14 co-Captain (2019)
Koa U12 & U14 Captain (2017-2018)

Major Tournaments:
Disney Showcase U14, Gold, Daisy Flight (2020)
Shooting Star Thanksgiving U14 Pool Winner (2019)
Shooting Star Thanksgiving 2020 (U14)
Howard County Fall Fest Champions (2020)

Other sports:
2nd-degree black belt in taekwondo
2017 US Capital Classic National Martial Arts Tournament, 1st place forms
2016 US Capital Classic National Martial Arts Tournament, 3rd place forms/2nd place sparring

Extracurricular Activities:
Girls Up
Flute, piano
Tech crew for spring musicals (2018, 2019)


Shooting Star Thanksgiving 2020