Scarlett Lane

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School: St. Paul VI HS, Chantilly, VA
Class of: 2027

GPA 4.0 (unweighted)

Honors and AP Classes:
9th Grade: AP World History, Honors English, Honors Research Earth Science

2024, 2023 USA Field Hockey NexUS Championship Selection
MAX Field Hockey, Class of 2027 – Top 100
Loudoun Valley High School Varsity Field Hockey Starter (Freshman), #14
2023 AAU Junior Olympic Games Selection (Team Trust, Gold Medal)
2022 AAU Junior Olympic Games Selection (Team Pride, Silver Medal)
2021 USA Field Hockey National Hockey Festival All-Star List (U12)

Major Tournaments:
2024 U16 National Indoor Tournament (Second Place, Vancouver Pool)
2024 U19 National Indoor Tournament (First Place, Munich Pool)
2024 Sunshine Showcase (U16)
2023 Thanksgiving Shooting Star (U16)
2023 Sunshine Showcase U16 Top Team Mulan Pool (Guest player w/Uprise)
2023 U14 NIT Pool Champions (prior club)
2022 U16 Regional Club Championship, Region 8, First Place (prior club)
2022 U14 NIT Pool Champions (prior club)
2021 U12 National Hockey Festival Pool Champions, Captain (prior club)

Highlight Film:

U16 Regional Club Championships (June 2024)

U16 National Indoor Tournament (March 2024) – Vancouver Pool 2nd Place. Tier 2 Bravery Pool


U19 National Indoor Tournament (February 2024) – Munich Pool Winner, Tier 1 Independence Pool

Junior Olympics, 2023

Junior Olympics, 2022


Scarlett Lane 2023

Scarlett Lane NexUS 2023

Scarlett Lane NexUS 2023