With over 3,000 athletes on 240+ teams, Shooting Star Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity for our athletes and teams.
We are attending with teams in all 4 age groups. Go Wolves!

Our U19 team is in Pool A.


P2 11/24/2023 4:00 PM Field 11 Washington Wolves U19 vs Mayhem Black
P37 11/24/2023 6:00 PM Field 7 WC Eagles U19 1 vs Washington Wolves U19
P74 11/25/2023 9:00 AM Field 8 Texas Pride vs Washington Wolves U19
P111 11/25/2023 1:00 PM Field 5 Washington Wolves U19 vs NJ GRIT U19 Sapphire
P147 11/26/2023 1:00 PM Field 9 Washington Wolves U19 vs Panther United Black

Washington Wolves U19 Roster:

JerseyNameClass ofSchoolCollege
2Cata Sposato2024Walt Whitman HSNortheastern
3Charley Noah2024Good CounselCommitted to McDaniel
5Maya Gutierrez-Flores2025Albert Einstein HSCommitted to Catholic
11Kate Kim2024Glenelg HSCommitted to Columbia
14Eloisa Somodevilla2025Montgomery Blair HS
16Maya Raphael2025Walt Whitman HSCommitted to Columbia
22Hallie Slidell2024Stone Ridge SchoolCommitted to Davidson
24Alexandra Snyder2025St. John's College HSCommitted to Syracuse
25Emma Datch2024Winston Churchill HSCommitted to Davidson
27Abbie Volfman2024Clarksburg HSCommitted to New Haven
29Natasha Parker2024Stone Ridge SchoolCommitted to MIT
32Lucy Barrenechea2024Walt Whitman HSMichigan
38Piper O'Connor2024National CathedralTrinity College Dublin
45Mila Mojto2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase HSWake Forest
51Birgit Luteijn2024Walt Whitman HSVrije Amsterdam
52Ashley Kim2024Glenelg HSCommitted to Columbia
73Margot Houle2024Brookewood SchoolCommitted to Columbia
88Tayla Williams2024Stone Ridge SchoolCommitted to Cornell


Our U16 team is in Pool D.

P11 11/24/2023 8:00 AM Field 2 SEAtoSKY FHC vs Washington Wolves U16
P57 11/24/2023 12:00 PM Field 6 Washington Wolves U16 vs Omega FHC
P102 11/25/2023 2:00 PM Field 12 Washington Wolves U16 vs FHC of CT
P146 11/25/2023 7:00 PM Field 11 Mayhem Yellow vs Washington Wolves U16
P190 11/26/2023 9:00 AM Field 7 Washington Wolves U16 vs Centercourt FHC White

Washington Wolves U16 Roster:

JerseyNameClass ofSchool
7Carter Davis2025Stone Ridge School
8Catherine Nguyen2025Richard Montgomery HS
10Anna Slidell2027Stone Ridge School
12Scarlett Lane2027St. Paul VI
13Bridget Voglmayr2027Stone Ridge School
17Amaya Perera2027Urbana HS
18Jenna Pigott2025Winston Churchill HS
20Julieta Matus2025Winston Churchill HS
26Mira Arnold2026Bullis School
28Apollo Crenshaw2026Washington-Liberty HS
41Bella Kim2025Potomac School
42Kaitlin Madison2026Washington Liberty HS
43Kara Kim2026Clarksburg HS
44Avery Bergvall2026Stone Ridge School
48Stevie Zonarich2025Stone Ridge School
50Ganda Nantulya2028St. Mary's School
54Luise Schindler2026Jackson Reed HS

36 Katy Adams (guest) 2026 St. Paul VI Catholic


Our U14 team is in Pool E.

P14 11/24/2023 8:00 AM MS Field 13 Washington Wolves U14 vs NJ GRIT Opal
P35 11/24/2023 11:00 AM MS Field 14 Washington Wolves U14 vs Horizon Orange
P56 11/25/2023 4:00 PM MS Field 15 Powerhouse Thunder vs Washington Wolves U14
P77 11/25/2023 8:00 PM MS Field 15 Washington Wolves U14 vs Jersey Intensity
P97 11/26/2023 12:00 PM MS Field 13 Washington Wolves U14 vs Shore Byrds U14


Our U12 team is in Pool E.

P74 11/24/2023 12:00 PM Field MS-16C Washington Wolves U12 vs Black Bear Elite
P29 11/24/2023 3:00 PM Field MS-16C Washington Wolves U12 vs NL PA Blue
P45 11/25/2023 11:00 AM Field MS-16C Jersey Intensity vs Washington Wolves U12
P13 11/25/2023 3:00 PM Field MS-16D Washington Wolves U12 vs NJ GRIT U12 Gold
P60 11/26/2023 11:00 AM Field MS-16B Saints White vs Washington Wolves U12