Current Roster by Graduation Year

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U19 & U16

#NameClass ofSchoolCollege
12Leah Morrison2023St. John's College HSCommitted to Syracuse
44Cece Duffy2023Lake Braddock HSCommitted to Kenyon
47Lilly Mathew2023Springbrook HS
36Emi Hakutani2023Holton-Arms SchoolCommitted to Hopkins
27Abbie Volfman2024Clarksburg HS
51Birgit Luteijn2024Walt Whitman HS
38Piper O'Connor2024National Cathedral
2Cata Sposato2024Walt Whitman HS
32Lucy Barrenechea2024Walt Whitman HS
3Charley Noah2024Good Counsel
73Margot Houle2024Brookewood SchoolCommitted to Columbia
45Mila Mojto2024Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
88Tayla Williams2024Stone Ridge SchoolCommitted to Cornell
22Hallie Slidell2024Stone Ridge SchoolCommitted to Davidson
29Natasha Parker2024Stone Ridge School
33Clare Osberg2024Stone Ridge School
25Emma Datch2024Winston Churchill HSCommitted to Davidson
20Julieta Matus2025Winston Churchill HS
48Stevie Zonarich2025Stone Ridge School
21Jaimie Lee2025Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
41Bella Kim2025Potomac School
40Kate Belman2025Quince Orchard HS
8Catherine Nguyen2025Richard Montgomery HS
7Carter Davis2025Stone Ridge School
18Jenna Pigott2025Winston Churchill HS
34Claire Gallagher2025Winston Churchill HS
16Maya Raphael2025Walt Whitman HS
5Maya Gutierrez-Flores2025Albert Einstein HS
24Alexandra Snyder2025St. John's College HS
49Abby Desotell2026Urbana HS
42Kaitlin Madison2026Washington Liberty HS
9Magdalena Cerda2026Winston Churchill HS
31Lexi Bristow2026Urbana HS
28Apollo Crenshaw2026Washington & Lee HS
43Kara Kim2026Clarksburg HS
99Julie Seth2026BASIS DC
4Teresa Osberg2026Stone Ridge School
44Avery Bergvall2026Stone Ridge School
26Mira Arnold2026Bullis School
10Anna Slidell2027Stone Ridge School
17Amaya Perera2027Walkersville MS


#NameClass ofSchool
9Junia W2027Cabin John MS
3Izzy K2027Stone Ridge School
27Sadie P2027Thomas Pyle MS
15Nylah J2027Sidwell Friends
29Leah O2027Cabin John MS
41Sydney T2027Bullis School
35Meritt L2027Potomac School
57Molly S2028Alice Deal MS
23Liliana R2028St. Elizabeth School
50Ganda N2028St. Mary's School
73Annie M2028Blessed Sacrament
99Ella Rose D2028Cabin John MS
58Katelijne B2028Alice Deal MS
6Callie L2028Cabin John MS
33Laura F2028Lakelands Park MS
64Jenna D2028Cabin John MS
22Callie W2028Stone Ridge School
36Alexis S2028Thomas Pyle MS
12Julia F2028Silver Creek MS
56Bea B2029Stone Ridge School
55Julia L2029National Cathedral