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U19 & U16

JerseyNameClass ofSchoolCollege
26Vivianna Arnold2020Bethesda-Chevy Chase HSCommitted to Rochester
22Lillian Kistner2020St. John's College HSCommitted to Colby
3Kate Lee2020Bethesda-Chevy Chase HSCommitted to Tufts
7Kaelyn Mashburn2020Rockville HSCommitted to Albright
20Skyler Slimmer2020Middletown HSCommitted to Frostburg
28Ariana Smith2020Huntingtown HSCommitted to St. Mary’s
16Caroline Snyder2020Walt Whitman HSCommitted to Brown
23Ashley Button2021Sherwood HSCommit to Shippensburg
99Ally Duling2021Wheaton HS
5Natalie Heshmat2021Winston Churchill HS
15Allison Jacobs2021Winston Churchill HS
14Vivi Rowan2021Stone Ridge SchoolCommitted to Syracuse
11Erin Patch2021Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
24Jessica Solomon2021Walt Whitman HS
44Emma Smith2021Montgomery Blair HS
19Lizzie Baggett2022Winston Churchill HS
10Becky Felker2022Stone Ridge School
21Liberty Topka2022Holy Child
46Betty Boatwright2022Georgetown Visitation
31Emma Maynard2022Georgetown Visitation
34Nora Pulizzi2022Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
27Elizabeth Thompson2022Visitation
37Cori Freundlich2022Richard Montgomery HS
55Hannah Bazer2023Stone Ridge School
36Emi Hakutani2023Holton-Arms School
12Leah Morrison2023St. John's College HS
30Ellen Ford2023Walt Whitman HS
13Antonia Lozano2023Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
6Burke Jarrett2023Stone Ridge School
25Emma Datch2024Cabin John MS
73Margot Houle2024Brookewood School
35Carolyn Thompson2024Holy Trinity
39Calla Constantine2024Whittle School & Studios
47Estelle Constantine2024Whittle School & Studios


JerseyNameClass ofSchool
11Megan D2024Cabin John MS
33Clare O2024Stone Ridge School
29Natasha Parker2024Stone Ridge School
22Hallie S2024Stone Ridge School
88Tayla W2024Stone Ridge School
45Mila M2024Westland MS
73Margot Houle2024Brookewood School
3Charley N2024St. Jane de Chantal
20Julieta M2025Cabin John MS
16Maya R2025Thomas Pyle MS
41Alys J2025Thomas Pyle MS
40Elena J2025Thomas Pyle MS
18Jenna P2025Cabin John MS